Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Life is Really For

Friends are like the earth, absorbs our stride
regardless of our mood or face
our steps are welcome, come gloom or glide
and like the cycle of the orb sets pace
we pray our friends shall too abide
for we are charmed by their embrace

Friends are like the sun above whose rays
do gleam and glow and sprinkle us with light
inspite of shadows cast by filtered haze
they radiate and make a darkened path seem bright
and just as nightly rest complements the days
the warmth and shine of friendship calms the night

Friends are like the water where it bends
as oceans or rain or rippling rivers roar
Our thirst to quench or for our skin to cleanse
without a price or seeking an award
they shower us and too become our lens
through which we see what life is really for

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