Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shadow Boxing

hello box.

box with a bunch of symbols on top.


Font with an arrow. push it. go ahead.

it is magic. called a pull down menu.


menu in a window.

but what window?

and why is that line blinking at me?

it is trying to remind me that it will perform its duty.

just type.

type and it will make the letters appear.

in the window.

under the menu.

other symbols.

how do i know that the little "b" in dark type means BOLD?

and the little slanted "i" means italics.

How do I know?

Did anyone ever tell me?

never had a class.

my daughter has probably had a teacher tell her.

she will probably never wonder why we call these boxes or windows.

i like them. all of them.

especially the colorful little painting of a symbol. it means picture.

it means go find a pretty picture and put it in with your words.

a world. there is a wide world waiting.

the blinking line reminds me how fast. the pictures. how fast i can find the pictures.

do you want a picture?

do you want?

do you?




you're not really there are you?

what if i find a picture of you?

would you come then?

would you come to see your picture?

would you tell people that you found your picture in a box with a pull down menu?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

having never failed to sample life's little cur.i.os.ities

i wonder what was given up in all that freedom?

ah, i see. inte.gri.ty.

wow. a schmuck eh?

will you have me for all my failings?

will you accept this whisper of regret as a sample of my trust in you?

my gosh, can it really be a crime (hears Fred Astaire)

dancing cheek to cheek?

distracted by the overwhelming whiff of sweet lilac,

he departs to make love to the purple bush.

enshrined in,

his awareness of some separate self disappears.

and with it, any thoughts of

Thursday, February 11, 2010

White Space

And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain...

Quote the Iva, "There's always more."

There is more to see than meets the eye

"White Space, my place, Facebook, a dollar"

Quote the Iva, "Always more."

Stressed out, time poor, globalized, uncivilized,
massacred, distractions
falsify, simulate,
stimulate, "we see things"

Quote the Iva, "Always more."

We hope it's true, we think it's true, it sounds true, doesn't it?

Quote the Iva, "Always more."


They wouldn't do that to us, would they?

Quote the Iva, "Always more."

And so to still the beating of my heart, I sit repeating

What most people Believe in today is some type of lie

Written with a nod and a thank you to the thinker, writer and designer of "What Most People Be(Lie)ve in Today, is some type of Lie," Michael Iva

to learn more see,

Thursday, January 28, 2010


a friend bemoaned rare sun by invoking fair juliet and my internal taoist voice praised rain

go figure