Monday, July 27, 2009

The Astronaut Shuttle (Sang to All Night Long)

Sun is down The sky is clear
Throw back your head and have no fear
As space freaks, we're safe up here
Do the Astronaut Shuttle
Space walk, space walk
Take off your helmet, unzip your pants
Get the feel of moonwalk trance
Come over here and Shuttle
Astronaut, astro do, it’s better
Take off your suit, don’t talk
Come over here and Shuttle
Astronaut too hot the weather
Take off your suit, Moonwalk
Come over here and Shuttle
In the sky, tonight
In the sky, tonight
In the sky, tonight
The colony is groovin town
The Moonwalk now is Shuttle Down
The mission is good, don’t frown
Do the Astronaut Shuttle
Space Walk, Moonwalk
Take another shot
Tang and Tanqueray
Space docking wallbanger way
Come over here and shuttle
Astronaut, astro do, it’s better
Take off your suit, don't talk
In the sky--tonight!
In the sky--tonight!
In the sky-- tonight!
In the sky--tonight!
Can I come inside your space suit
I’ll show you mine
Oh yours is tight
And mine is fine
We all are floating
Dig the atmosphere
How you like the space?
I love your spheres
Space Junk!
Come on it’s time to shuttle
In the sky--tonight
In the sky--tonight
In the sky--tonight
In the sky--tonight
I like your space strut
Your crazy space hut!
In the sky
Down on Earth in mission control
To be up here, they’d give their soul
In the sky
Down on Earth in mission control
To be up here, they’d give their soul
In the sky
Float by, float by

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blessed Event

The space shuttle Endeavor has mated with the space station
and shot squiggly astronauts into the mother ship.
Now this tiny town of astronauts is pregnant again,
two hundred and twenty miles above Gaia, the mother of the mother.

The cosmic colony seems to be a very bright star with the
“apparent speed of an airliner.”

Walter Winchell would have called the result of this orgasm
A Blessed Event. And so it is!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Did we inherit our legacy or did we attract it?
Are we innocent regarding our current dilemma or have we enabled it?
Is arrogance partly to blame for our feelings of helplessness?

Starting today I will embrace HOPE and defend it!

Starting today I choose to regard all those who are working for change as heroes!
(and for those who aren’t, may I reflect compassion, gentleness and understanding)

Starting today I accept my role as a citizen of a planetary brotherhood which starts inside me, extends to my family, then my community, and is not limited by any artificial boundaries or shorelines

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Time!

There’s a new occupation showin how to make a buck or two
There are very old seeds for sowin forgotten crops tried and true
There’s an old faithful slogan that’s restored the silent few
We’ve served the corporate system in spite of hunger and our thirst
It’s time now, Gawdamit, to put We the People first

There’s an old breed of warrior stormin as an army into light
And the children will be born in time to change the wrong to right
It is called a green economy and we have it in our sight
They fooled with Mother Nature, and the bubble it has burst
It’s time now, Gawdamit, to put We the People first

And if you like celebratin, then throw back your head and shout
For what we are creatin is what unity is all about
As a family of six billion strong there really is no doubt
Say no to tanks and missiles, the oil fields, they are cursed
It’s time now, Gawdamit, to put We the People first

Every morn a step is added on the path to life that’s free
You can feel the spirit rumblin ‘neath your feet, don’t you agree?
So put your arms together with your neighbor, it’s time to be
The world that we’ve been promised, the best, not the worst
It’s time now, Gawdamit, to put We the People first

Friday, July 17, 2009

I'll Drive My Hybrid to the Movies

Freed a spider today from inside my garage
Trapped for hours in a plunger, I let him go
Have you ever been trapped in a plunger?
I didn’t think so.

Play it easy my friend,
save yourself from the whales.
There's a whole world spinnin out there
Take yourself off the shelf

Saw a funny movie today, wasn’t a mirage
All alone in the theater, I watched the show
Have you ever sat alone in a theater?
I didn’t think so.


Listened to the computer today, jockey named of Rog
Music shot out my Dell, but really a radio
Have you ever played tunes on the computer?
I didn’t think so.


Rode in my car today, wasn’t a Dodge
My little Civic is a hybrid though
Have you ever owned a hybrid?
I didn’t think so.


My wife said it will be awhile
before she’ll go barefoot in our garage.
But I’ll drive my hybrid to the movies again.
Wouldn’t you?
I thought so. Oh yeah, I thought so.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Life is Really For

Friends are like the earth, absorbs our stride
regardless of our mood or face
our steps are welcome, come gloom or glide
and like the cycle of the orb sets pace
we pray our friends shall too abide
for we are charmed by their embrace

Friends are like the sun above whose rays
do gleam and glow and sprinkle us with light
inspite of shadows cast by filtered haze
they radiate and make a darkened path seem bright
and just as nightly rest complements the days
the warmth and shine of friendship calms the night

Friends are like the water where it bends
as oceans or rain or rippling rivers roar
Our thirst to quench or for our skin to cleanse
without a price or seeking an award
they shower us and too become our lens
through which we see what life is really for

Friday, July 10, 2009

In the Distance

From a day that a boy sang a song of changin times
with a wind blown voice on freedom flashing chimes
about masters of war and a hard fallen rain
Oh brothers and sisters will the voice come again?

We’ve heard about Goliath, the monster who was
and a kid with a stone who slayed him because
it was time for a hero, it was time for a fall
Oh brothers and sisters, do you hear the call?

In the distance, in the distance
There's a light, do you see?
In the distance, in the distance
Take my hand come with me.

The Jericho walls, like Saddam and Gomorra
are crumbling around us, can you take any more of
the half truths and reason we receive with a wink
Oh brothers and sisters, do you recognize the brink?

We’re awake, there’s no doubt, believe me we hear
all the warnings of disaster, the message is clear
Our voices we share and our hearts are the sun
Oh brothers and sisters, we’re not many, but one.

In the distance, in the distance
There's a light, do you see?
In the distance, in the distance
Take my hand come with me.

Don’t abuse the money changers, they’re not to blame
Storm not the Bastille, we need the exchange
And our systems and technology have been hard fought and won
Oh brothers and sisters, our future has begun

Blow a kiss to our mothers, give a hug to our dads
thank our artists and our minstrels, give a nod to the lads
Let our spirits be our beacon, let our will never cease
Oh brothers and sisters, in the distance it is Peace.

In the distance, in the distance
There's a light, do you see?
In the distance, in the distance
Take my hand come with me.

A room with a view

How did we meet here?
In this confined space
A break from the race
to stare at this square

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Smiling Fields

I stretch my legs toward nature’s scene
A daily walk past neighbors’ courts
of trimmed, groomed lawns--mostly green
as you’d expect from tools, the sorts
that rumble and sputter and emit
the smells and fumes you can’t forget
Beyond those carpets of chemistry
lies a mix of costumes in a sea sublime
so no damage lingers from memory
of petro murk and grease and grime
The trail revealed a waving mass
of spirits dressed as flowers and grass

A party of life which seemed to say
"Spread out with us but first you must
agree to live the rule of play
and wear a face that we can trust.
This one you’ve worn along the mile
should be covered with a mask of smile."

Among the daffodils, you'll find me there
dancing to a Zephyr beat
in sunlit, sparkling, cleansing air
and with my friends, we’ll gladly greet
you with a song and open arms
if with us you'll share a smile and charms

Monday, July 6, 2009

A backwards Frost

Two worlds enticed me
one which promised milk for money
another whispered things less shiny
“that which glitters will finally blind thee”
said the voice as sweet as honey

But still the gold had sex appeal,
and though my soul seemed to know
that love of castles was not real
and temptations to make a deal
would only lead to loss and sorrow

Both worlds welcomed me that day
by way of slow or fast lane go
It was for speed and power play
the other boring place seemed gray
It mattered not that life was “show.”

I shall be telling this with a tear
Someday from now I know not when
that I chose the world less rare
and now my future seems to bear
pretense, instead of truth which could have been

Two roads diverged, each a world
and I chose the one more traveled by

The Serpent Visitor

Oh sacred fire which coils have known
and spires as two along the glowing rod.
Two lovers have found the magic
of being one. One ALL of everything has turned to two
and is soon lost in ten thousand things.

I’ve known you and welcome your return.
My pillow is wet at night with your sweet kisses.
You dance along my spine and entertain me with your funny movies.
Yes you were in the garden, and perhaps you have some dealings
with the forces of darkness.
Oh shame, for treachery was done in the rewriting
of Genesis. Mr. Snake—the spirit of transformation,
please visit us more often, in our sleep walk…

Now is the time to set the record straight.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Gold Pill

On the edge of a dream
the message guide held my hand.
We looked out together
from the cliff overlooking wakefulness.
“What do you see?”

Spread before me was the landscape
of the unknown,
except there were no more questions.
And the meaning of “between Heaven and Earth,”
was revealed.
Sorry my friend, if I share all
we’d have to swallow each other and disappear.
Such is the nature of magic.

But here are a few clues
if these kinds of games are fun for you…
“What does the space between Heaven and Earth
look like?
Does it stay the same?
Who are you? Do you stay the same?
And what is the difference between Heaven and Earth?
Breathe. Relax your shoulders.
You ARE.”

Also my friend, I’ll give you the Gold Pill.
Guard it well and nothing will be withheld from you.
It is where art meets knowledge.
Now, go to work.

The Invite

It’s so easy to lament
all the things we missed having
like perfect hair or child stardom
or the cleverness of Dickens or Poe.

As we stew in that broth of regret,
the flavors become more intense
until they reach a point of perfection themselves
and there is nothing left to do except
be disappointed that we will now be eaten
by some fortunate hungry soul.

It occurred to me just now
what it is I’m capable of.
To see with both eyes
to hear with both ears
to taste with nose and mouth
all the beauty which is mine to enjoy.

There was a rush of simple pleasure
which came with the thought
of such great abundance with nothing except myself
standing in the way of possessing every
infinitesimally minute detail of the great puzzle
which extends from the tips of me

And there it was, as if it had been delivered
with the other dreams from the night that had passed
On my pillow, the thought of an embossed card
with the loving touch of a parent or best friend
who with a delicate sense not to impose
anything except that which is peace and comfort
a message whispered by an angels’ choir
You are invited