Sunday, March 13, 2011

Resolve to Dissolve

I lived outside today
.... for a little while
and wondered why we've grown so determined
to separate ourselves from nature.

My legs crossed beneath me
on weeds and grass and pillowed ground.
The sun at one o'clock.

A distant bark and rattle of a man at work
were notes out of tune
amidst the rhythm of
distinct species announcing themselves in
well trained song.

Where bare skin felt the earth's connection...
feet on soil, sun on face and neck
birds and other sonic wizards
against the exposed filaments of inner ear...

These fused bonds requested
that all my points be exposed 
to any other chorus
which Madam Divine wished to share

So the troublesome layers,
whether blouse or jeans, glasses or stubbon opinions
that stood between my own nature
and nature's nature
were dissolved and at that moment
I was author and audience
of her sublime dance and song

I lived outside today
and shall return