Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Gold Pill

On the edge of a dream
the message guide held my hand.
We looked out together
from the cliff overlooking wakefulness.
“What do you see?”

Spread before me was the landscape
of the unknown,
except there were no more questions.
And the meaning of “between Heaven and Earth,”
was revealed.
Sorry my friend, if I share all
we’d have to swallow each other and disappear.
Such is the nature of magic.

But here are a few clues
if these kinds of games are fun for you…
“What does the space between Heaven and Earth
look like?
Does it stay the same?
Who are you? Do you stay the same?
And what is the difference between Heaven and Earth?
Breathe. Relax your shoulders.
You ARE.”

Also my friend, I’ll give you the Gold Pill.
Guard it well and nothing will be withheld from you.
It is where art meets knowledge.
Now, go to work.

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