Saturday, August 29, 2009

Farmers in Lab Coats

Do you remember the spread on the table,
by the bounty of our cousins own chores?
When commun’ty meant swings sets and picnics
Only got to by walking out doors.

They name fake butter for valleys and corn cribs
While our health is secure we are told
Farmer John now wears a lab coat.
What you eat is what he has sold.

A coal fired farm fact’ry is spewing
In the distance from dawns early light.
Our diets are hardly sun ripened
As the boxes depict in disguise.

An ancient recruit has changed nature’s system
And we’ve developed a taste for synthetics
So with loss of soil and income
Our farmers are replaced by our medics

Bronto and Rex have been long buried
But my Uncle stirred them up from the grave
And their ghosts are like bubbling ink stains
So blighted fields our lives can not save

Helix lived on a spiraling stair case
Spawned on the farm in old family ways
Along came a molecular whiz kid
And zapped poor helix to a weird purple haze

Now the science is known as ag-culture
Though more closely related to Frank Stein
Our four wheeled shopping carts runneth over
With toxins though our kids do not mind

Who runs the show here, we might be askin
Why don’t we get out and vote with our forks
And tell Betty Crocker, Unc’ Ben and Aunt Mima
That their stuff we aint buyin no more