Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Smiling Fields

I stretch my legs toward nature’s scene
A daily walk past neighbors’ courts
of trimmed, groomed lawns--mostly green
as you’d expect from tools, the sorts
that rumble and sputter and emit
the smells and fumes you can’t forget
Beyond those carpets of chemistry
lies a mix of costumes in a sea sublime
so no damage lingers from memory
of petro murk and grease and grime
The trail revealed a waving mass
of spirits dressed as flowers and grass

A party of life which seemed to say
"Spread out with us but first you must
agree to live the rule of play
and wear a face that we can trust.
This one you’ve worn along the mile
should be covered with a mask of smile."

Among the daffodils, you'll find me there
dancing to a Zephyr beat
in sunlit, sparkling, cleansing air
and with my friends, we’ll gladly greet
you with a song and open arms
if with us you'll share a smile and charms

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