Monday, July 6, 2009

A backwards Frost

Two worlds enticed me
one which promised milk for money
another whispered things less shiny
“that which glitters will finally blind thee”
said the voice as sweet as honey

But still the gold had sex appeal,
and though my soul seemed to know
that love of castles was not real
and temptations to make a deal
would only lead to loss and sorrow

Both worlds welcomed me that day
by way of slow or fast lane go
It was for speed and power play
the other boring place seemed gray
It mattered not that life was “show.”

I shall be telling this with a tear
Someday from now I know not when
that I chose the world less rare
and now my future seems to bear
pretense, instead of truth which could have been

Two roads diverged, each a world
and I chose the one more traveled by

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