Saturday, October 24, 2009

You. Me. Art.

If you live and are living--you make art.

Your smile is art. Your hair, in whatever state, is art.

Your bald head is art (and shiny).

Your walk is art. Your love is such precious art.

Your touch is art and so pleasing.

Your view is artistic. All that you see is art (and glorious).

All that you impact is new art.

All that you hold in your heart is too. Art.

You are such a great artist. There is no one who does art like you.

Tomorrow we can find other art to enjoy.

Let's make art today.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Consciousness Recognizes Itself

We sat relaxed as a gathering, engaged in light exchange,
remembering the significance of the night before…
when the white flittering flock of winged warriors slashed the morning rain
with the muffled explosion of their gliding gallop.

Bursting in like trumpets and tambourines born from nowhere,
rustling the tree top canopy with their synchronized swirling swooping dance,
then perching as a squadron, like a hundred shimmering spots of vibrating energy--
speckled reflections of diffused sunlight.

We whooped and whistled from inside the maloca and smiled.
Our selves were absorbed in to the Oneness of the forest universe.

All was well at Soga de Alma.