Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Walking Lines

Unnamed and!
I apprehended myself being unaware.
With the roar of a lion, I stormed out of my body,
and whimpered as duckweed welcomed.

Twas radiation from beyond the stars and reflection from my eyes
which twice tatooed my soul,
whose mistress is the mother of all womb-anity.

Time to delete slippery slogans and witless witicisms.
Meet me at the merry-go-round in Dreampark for a moondance...

1 comment:

  1. I am too covered up for this now. Briefly I'll just report that I did the research in the morning and in the evening had my walk.

    I could tell I was facing another blockage, even though the material was very clear cut and amazingly all related. The Hexagram I chose was 34, I'll talk about why later.

    I uplugged my earphones because I needed the extra help of real nature and introspection. Finally the line(s), I wrote two this time started forming about 30 minutes in to my walk. A storm was building and there were even tornado warnings near by, but the sky was beautiful and the sunset was spectacular.