Monday, June 15, 2009

Walking Lines 11

Unnamed and!
I apprehended myself being unaware.
With the roar of a lion, I stormed out of my body,
and whimpered as duckweed welcomed.
Twas radiation from beyond the stars and reflection from my eyes
which twice tatooed my soul,
whose mistress is the mother of all womb-anity.
Time to delete slippery slogans and witless witicisms.
Meet me at the merry-go-round in Dreampark for a moondance...
we'll imitate the tall slender shafts of prairie grass heavy with seed--
a ballet to the beat of the breeze.
Around and through and under, laughing all the way.

We can have everything, only by loosing ourselves in everything.
Behold the alchemy when sun marries rain!
By what magnetism is that spectrum organized?

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  1. My friend Gary Hunnicutt noticed the line about deleting witicisms and slogans and he doesn't go on Facebook, so I explained this exercise to him. I'm behind on commentary, but this will be enough for now:

    This has been an interesting exercise. You don't go on facebook and I doubt if you read any of the commentary but what I'm doing is adding one line a day after my nightly walk.

    I'm using four sources for background material. Roughly I want the poem to be based on the 100 character tablet, the 20 line poem by Ancestor Lu. Then I go to the second Nature essay by Emerson, which I'm reading in sequence with each line of the poem. I am using corresponding chapters of the Tao te Ching and then finding the hexagram which seems to fit the feeling. I let all that material sort of digest during my walk and then let the line percolate from there. Usually the line is written before I hit my driveway back home.

    It has made some interesting reflection. For instance. The line from Ancestor Lu two days ago was "in the pot pairing water and fire." This is of course a constant exercise for me as I focus concentration in the "yellow court." What made that especially poignent in the exercise for me is because of another Taoist exercise I do called inner smile, adapted from a technique by Mantak Chia. I took a work shop once from a guy named Michael Winn who teaches the technique--he's a student of Mantak Chia.

    Anyway, the heart is sun, or fire and kidneys are water. The heart is said to be married to kidneys in a profound sacred marriage. I often think of when sun (red) embraces kidneys (blue) that the marriage would produce the color purple.

    So from the line about pairing water and fire, my line was behold the alchemy when sun marries rain and the image I found was that swirling illusion of water and fire mixed together. I had no inkling of the next day line.

    Ancestor Lu's next line was something about over and over and over. I had already alluded to that process the day before, so I didn't want to repeat that. And unusually, the line didn't come to me during my walk, but as I looked at the whole poem up to then, it occurred to me what the alchemy of the marriage of sun and rain is-- a rainbow.

    And when I went and looked at images of the rainbow, it just impressed me of the organization of the spectrum from blue to red with purple on the bottom, which of course is mathematical, or law of primary colors or whatever. So it made me ask the question, by what magnetism are these colors held together, always in the same way? Sort of a joke but also expressing my awe of nature.

    Probably more than you wanted to hear but now if you want you can hit delete :)