Saturday, June 13, 2009

Walking Lines 9

Unnamed and!
I apprehended myself being unaware.
With the roar of a lion, I stormed out of my body,
and whimpered as duckweed welcomed.
Twas radiation from beyond the stars and reflection from my eyes
which twice tatooed my soul,
whose mistress is the mother of all womb-anity.
Time to delete slippery slogans and witless witicisms.
Meet me at the merry-go-round in Dreampark for a moondance...
we'll imitate the tall slender shafts of prairie grass heavy with seed--
a ballet to the beat of the breeze.
Around and through and under, laughing all the way.

We can have everything, only by loosing ourselves in everything


  1. I have to stop reading now
    This poem has been a labor of love, I can see that.
    I read it out loud to a friend who immediately said "I do not understand a word of this"
    The funny thing is, so far (I started with the oldest blog, as usual, if I am going to spend time with someone that is interesting, I want to listen to everything the person has expressed so as not to miss the gems!)
    I slowly take each line in
    and swirl it around,the palate, feeling in the darkness for the droplets of enlightenment
    before ingesting.

    hatetoleaveit, but have to go plant our peas, the storm has blown over

    Thank you for such dedication to your work and for having is close enough for me to find it.
    This has helped me more than you could know.. i do not feel so alone, lost in keeping soul, unable or unwilling to give up on those who need me and may even love me as I do them.
    Tell me
    How can something so loving and good and fun and sweet and sensual be so wrong? Because that is what we have been taught?
    What happens if you realize that you are incomplete and did not know it until you saw the future and realize that we are all in trouble unless we heed the warning signs and get smart by facing the bad with empowered energy, resources, and a way of life that is protected for those who participate in all aspects of creating the whole.

    Yes, we can



  2. Thanks Bellybutton! I appreciate your kind words!