Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You Don't Have to Decide

I love them by a measure greater than a spoonful
those boys who asked, "Did you ever have to make up your mind?"
To say yes to one and let the other one ride,
wow, there are so many changes
and yes, tears to be hidden
in a decision of one choice to find

Joking aside,
no blond haired dates to consider
have you ever put one philosophy or religion to scale
one to another? Tit for a tat?
Muslims follow Mohamed, Christians like a Jew
Have they said yes to one and let the other one ride?
Judging by arms sales, yeah, that's the tale.

This is The Book of God, they both say,
no room for the rest, the copyright is fixed
hmmm, I wonder--have they met Whitman?
or does the music of either measure up to Mozart?
Who produced the movie QURAN, Truffeau, Fellini?
oops, they came later--darn!

Sing to me with the voice of Rumi
not on Sunday morning like some grotesque slob protesting from his stage
of why the world is so perverse, when it appears to me he has
no understanding of his own sacred internal biology!
For him I say--no Pearls!

Move me like Close Encounters
with an understanding that something flew over
and now Daddy is making mountains with his mashed potatoes
and it is scary because he KNOWS he shares a common vision
with a handful of fellow warriors

And let us leave the last chapters open for an evolving God
who forgot to talk about the divine feminine
but now is a cross dresser himself and a member of Greenpeace!

You Don't Have to Decide, fellow potato artist
love your God with all your heart but keep your dance card open


  1. Dance card is open
    All is devine to The Source
    We are part of IT

  2. Ah yes. Haiku very much! and Kazoontight!