Saturday, May 16, 2009


we laughed a lot and then we were freaks

Jesus talked. We listened. Then? We went to different

Midlife crisis schools, but somehow lived in the same dorm.

DaVinci Code? You kidding, child's play compared to Gary's story

Ah, to have what he has, the magic pill. It will cost you. Literally.

There's a Donovan song

Happiness Runs...finally a rhyme!

You can have EVERYTHING if you let yourself be.

He meant -GO. As in let go of self.

Oh yes, the work. But the roots have been transplanted. His flight is...

well, I gasp for air.

We're grandpa's. The Flying Grand Dads.

Wish us well.


  1. Gary Hunnicut! Wow, that wiry SOB wore me out in a wrestling match we had in gym class in, I think, 10th grade. My oxygen deprived, asthma ridden body finally just gave up. I remember the coach loving it, though. I had a lot of respect for that guy after that match. He was a nice kid and I would bet he's a nice man now. Tell him hi for me and see if he remembers me.

  2. Will do bro. Cutting and pasting your comment to email now. By the way, his is I'm sure he'd love to hear from anyone! He isn't a FaceBook kind of guy, but I can tell he'll always appreciate a generous hello!