Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Beat Go's On

No soggy blog, no lost salute, just me and you. Bon Jour.
No time to spare, no where to go, you say goodbye, I say for sure.
His gently weeping guitar gasped.
Released upon us as a gift like Emerson or Monet,

it is hard to see the Quarry for the men (boys).
They were there. But swallow them whole
without the math of division--Jean-Paul Harrison Ritchie.
Not a note has changed across the universe.

All you need is all you need is...
Your lungs. Release grief from your lungs. Did you know?
Breathe. Precious breath. Bated? Be careful. Breathe.
Have we found the uninterupted serpent swallowing its tail? Yes.
Do we remember? Sometimes. Does it matter. Yes.
Do we need to hurry?
Certainly. No.
Isn't it amazing, the playfulness of God? What a prankster.


  1. words, paint on canvas, vibrations in the air... yes, quite a prankster.

  2. Haiku for you:

    We were all so young
    Still love them with all my heart
    Yes God is playful

  3. Now we're older types
    Can't get enough of Beatles
    All four live now too