Sunday, January 9, 2011

More is more or less--LESS. Less is much much MORE


More is more or less--LESS. Less is much much MORE

Learning to add is the easiest of math.
Subtraction is harder by far.
Our cups will level off by evaporation.
But that requires that we learn to stop filling.
Stopping is a great start.
Removing is the second step.
Finding ourselves is the reward.

Seeking the reward is filling again.
And thus no prize will come of it.
Even finding the reward requires that we look
with new eyes.
Finding ourselves looking is walking backwards.
Holding your breath leads to death.
Exhaustion leads to illness.
Stopping may lead to rest.
Staying at rest is key.

Less means less than not seeing the difference.
The center between more and less holds no space.
The passageway works because of what is not there.
What is there prevents us from finding the passage.
Therefore we learn to subtract in order to find more.

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  1. It sounds as if you've subdued the tiger and tamed the dragon. Tang Guangzhen would approve.