Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Island of the Sun

Two sides are formed, the red and blue.
Which sword of these, we know not whose
is tempered best. For strength be true
the test is hope for all--not few.
Our eyes are focussed on O'bom.
From far enough above, the ball
seems motionless and could not fall.
Tribes connected, one for all.
on Island of the Sun.

What is the goal, we may should ask.
For things designed to toss, not last?
To find the games which please us best?
Will such an end provide us rest?
The time we're in defines O'bom.
No easy job for any man.
Invisible, they say, the hand
which moves the trading of the land
on tiny Island of the Sun.

So much bloodshed traced back to oil
with cousin coal our sky does boil.
Our rivers stink and species fall,
as with our values lost, our soil.
For which of these can we blame O'bom?
Sixteen thousand kids die each day
from hunger, instead of laugh and play.
I pray that your child, like mine, may
enjoy Island of the Sun.

Much of the pain, we believe,
by scriptures can be relieved
and comfort us in our grief.
Will God guide Commander in Chief
to save a hungry child, O'bom?
"My Lord is best," is what I say
and you plead yours will save the day.
For tint of skin or love of faith,
we'll wage a war under the sun.

On what one thing can we agree?
What sacred view can both us see?
From pain all children should be free.
Armed with this similarity, we
beseech the service of O'bom.
Books and shoes, enough to eat.
Not mines but grass under their feet.
From land to land all brothers meet!
Rejoice our Island of the Sun!

One war deserves a fight to win.
A safe haven for all children
to acquire true happiness when
they serve others instead of them.
All eyes are focussed on O'bom.
Perhaps it's us--our blue and red.
Can we these two colors shed?
So that all children can be fed
on Island of the Sun.

What's the difference between us two?
So many bad habits to loose.
If some of mine are lost, will you?
Purple is made by red and blue.
Do not mistake the hue O'bom!
Preservation of life requires
that we take lessons from the fire.
For care of her. that we not tire--
our Island of the Sun

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